Skatey Balance Surfer

The one-wheeled Skatey balance surfer lets you ‘surf on land’. It is lots of fun and feels more like a snowboard or a surfboard than a skateboard.

Here’s how it works: step on the back platform, so the front is facing up. Then plant your front foot on the the front platform. There, a sensor reads that your foot is settled, which allows the brushless motor inside the wheel to know it’s good to go. Lean forward, Segway-style, and the board’s gyroscopes balance and accelerate, moving you forward.

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Battery: 4,4Ah, 36 Volt Lithium Ion
Charge time: 1-1,5 hours
Dimensions in cm: 84 x 24 x 19
Electric motor: 500 Watt
Maximum distance: 15 km
Maximum speed: 18 km/h
Weight: 11,1 kg
Wheels: 6,5 inch massive tires


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