CAMP CA-096735 – Tour Nanotech Automatic – Polished

The lightest steel crampons in the world!


Constructed from proprietary Sandvik Nanoflex® Steel Automatic Binding fits A/T and Tele boots 10 points for a compact, hyperlight body Dynamic anti-balling plates and carrying case included Sandvik Nanoflex® Steel uses nanotechnology to create a superior metal that is 70% stronger and 20% harder than traditional chromoly steel thereby allowing us to use a thinner cross section (1.8 mm) that results in a crampon that is not only lighter, but stronger, more durable and stainless by design. The thinner cross section also creates sharper, thinner points that penetrate hard snow with ease. The automatic binding is compatible with most models of A/T and Tele boots. Note: Due to the decreased size of the front platform, we recommend this crampon for boots up to size US 10/European 44 (sizing varies depending on different boots, brands and models). For larger boots, we recommend the XLC 390.