CAMP Orbit Express – Anodized – 11cm

The update to the best-selling Orbit keylock carabiners.


An affordable utility draw for sport climbing Equipped with a straight gate Orbit keylocker for bolts and a bent gate Orbit keylocker for the rope end 16 mm polyester dogbones available in 11 and 18 cm lengths Available in 3 color variations An absolute best-seller. Two compact and lightweight Orbit keylocking carabiners connected by 16 mm polyester dogbones create the ultimate utility draw. The update to the best-selling Orbit keylock carabiners increases the major axis and open gate strengths without increasing weight. The Orbit remains a solid workhorse for everyday climbing with great durability, smooth clipping action and new SphereLock closure that minimizes play between the gate and nose for enhanced safety and performance.