Optimus Nova/Nova+ & Polaris Spare Parts Kit


Spare Parts Kit for Optimus Nova, Nova+ and Polaris Optifuel.


2 Blue O-Rings for Spindle
1 Lubricant
2 Fuel filters
1 Preheating pad
1 Flat seal for Pumphead
1 Pump leather
1 O-Ring for pump Spindle
1 O-Ring for Bajonet coupling
1 Cleaning needle
1 Jet
1 Pump Valve Casing
1 Rubber Nipple for Valve Casing
1 Valve spring for rubber nipple
1 Flat Seal for Pumpvalve
1 O-Ring for Pumphead coupling
2 burner plates
1 Dust protection cap for quick coupling
1 Pump valve
1 O-Ring for quick coupling




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