Ortlieb Outdoor Ultralight Drybag

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Colour coding helps organise and locate items quickly. Each pack displays its volume in litres. Endless storage options inside backpacks or panniers. These robust dry bags store, organise and protect your gear from water, dust and dirt and save you from endless searching.

?Size Height Circ. Diam. Weight Fabric
?1.5L 8cm ?38cm ?12cm ?30g ?PS10
3L? 15cm? 44cm? 14cm? 38g? PS10?
7L? 27cm? 55cm? 17cm? 54g? PS10?
12L? 32cm? 67cm? 21cm? 70g? PS10?
22L? 42cm? 83cm? 26cm? 104g? PS10?
42L? 57cm? 100cm? 32cm? 144g? PS10?
75L 70cm 124cm 39cm 190g PS10

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