RTM Ocean Duo Kayak


This double kayak is designed to accommodate either 1, 2 or 3 persons (2 adult, 1 child). Due to its unique centre seat it can be also paddled solo. This is the ideal sit-on-top kayak choice for family use. Comfortable and dry, it is a pleasure to paddle. With the keel shaped hull it tracks very well in a straight line & is easily accessible for first time paddlers. Equipped with storage areas in the stern and the centre of the boat, you can take the Ocean Duo on extended touring trips up the coast or inland waterways. Colours – Lime, Sun, Grey Storm



Length: 370cm
Width: 88cm
Depth: 33cm
Weight: 29kg
Max Load: 220kg
Unsinkable: Yes
Self-Bailing: Yes
Stackable: Yes

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Freeze, Sun


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