Z5 City Deluxe Electric Bike 24″ – Black

Brand new version with LCD control panel for greater setup control and information, bigger 9AH battery for longer range and new water resistant wiring.


The Z5 electric bike was designed for both the everyday city commuter and leisure cyclist with an easy step through design and an emphasis on comfort. The sitting position takes all the pressure off your arms and shoulders while the large padded saddle is spring loaded to soak up any bumps in the road. The modern frame has the 9AH battery stored inside for better security and waterproofing. The frame material has also been upgraded from the standard steel to aluminium also making it more water resistant. The 250W brushless motor has plenty of power and will push the bike to the maximum legal speed of 25 KM/H making it totally road legal. Just select how much help you want from the electric system using the easy selector, start pedalling and the motor will assist.

Other features include walk assist with finger throttle, digital control panel, kickstand, rear wheel lock, battery life indicator, bright front and rear LED lights, and rust resistant chain.


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