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Glamping, Camping, & Luxury Tents

Glamping & Camping

Interested in Glamping, Camping, and Luxury Tents? Discover the Nordisk range of cotton tents? Glamping is all about glamorous camping – it is all about bringing the luxury of a hotel room into the wild and wonderful outdoor environment. And the fancy camping style is more popular than ever. Glamping has spread out into the entire world. Weddings with glamping options as accomodation for guests is the new chic! Connect with nature, the outdoors and your free spirited soul.

This fabulous cotton castles provide spacious accommodation and a comfortable interior climate at base camp, when car camping or on the family holiday. Made with Nordisk Technical Cotton for superior weather protection and breathability.

Scandinavian design from Denmark

Nordisk is a Danish company designing and producing outdoor equipment for both extreme performance and leisure use. The aesthetics of Nordisk is rooted in the minimalist Scandinavian design tradition, and every tent, mat , and sleeping simple yet functional, made from cutting edge innovative and technical materials. Nordisk has more than 100 years of experience and more than 1000 years of proud Nordic legacy. Discover you next adventure!