Xiaomi Mi M365 PRO Electric Scooter Black

Mi Electric Scooter Pro – Take the journey further. High performance motor. Up to 45km extended range battery life. Built-in display for convenient monitoring


There’s nothing like rising early in the morning and going out to meet the sunlight and fresh air, seeing all the people and the scenery.
It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from or where you’re going.
All that matters is simple, pure joy.

See it all at a glance
Important information is all displayed at once and clearly visible, from Bluetooth to repair warnings.
One button, many uses
Tap the button to turn the scooter on and hold it for three seconds to turn it off. While the scooter is on, tap once to turn the light on/off, or tap twice to switch between speed modes.

3 speed modes
Easily switch between ECO mode, Standard mode (D) and Sports mode (S) by double pressing the power button.

Power and speed on display
Remaining power and current speed are displayed in real time, reminding you when to charge and to ride safely.

The only way to strive freely is to strive forward with a dream in your pocket and a song on your lips and a faithful partner under your feet.

45km long-range battery
Take the journey further

With the highly safe 18650 power lithium battery, 474Wh capacity, large power supply and efficient acceleration, the
scooter can take you up to 45km on a single charge. The smart power management system offers six different protective
measures, and you can easily check the health of the battery via the mobile app.

Smart power management

Short circuit
Double protection
from over-discharging
Double protection
from overcharging
Undervoltage autosleep
Recovers and regenerates energy
For even longer lasting charge

In order to extend battery life, the scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration into
electrical power. It’s also fitted with a regenerative braking system for addition power. This enhances the
emergency braking system and improves the battery life at the same time.

Providing you a safer ride, day or night
Ultra-bright headlight
An ultra-bright headlight for added safety when
night riding.

Double brake system

Featuring a rear 120mm ventilated disc brake and a
front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system
for efficient response braking.

Red tail lights for safe

Red tail lights flash distinctively as a warning to
pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.
8.5″ front and rear
pneumatic tires
The front and rear 8.5″ tires are made of rubber
mixed material with good shock absorption and road
adaptability so you cruise smoothly over most road

When evening falls and the day has come to an end, put away your worries and enjoy a peaceful ride.

Simple yet sleek design
Hit the road with style

Classic black geometrically studded with red, the simple dual color design
brings a subtle but sleek look to the scooter. Whether on the road or
parked outside of work, the scooter offers a pleasant visual experience.

3 second fast folding
Take it along on your travels

Simply flip, fold and clip to complete the fold and fit easily in the trunk.
Weighing just 14.2kg thanks to the aerospace grade aluminum body [3],
it’s easy to carry too.

Turn your smartphone into your dashboard

Simply pair with the scooter via Bluetooth and use the app to power on, update the firmware, view mileage, remaining power and current speed, or to enable cruise control [4] to save energy and give your wrist a break.

Smart unlock
Ride stats
Cruise control
Firmware updates

[1] Tested under the conditions that power is sufficient, with a 75kg load, at 30?C, 70% humidity, level 3 wind speed, 50psi tire pressure, on a level road, in ECO mode below 15km/h uniform velocity. Actual results may vary based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.

[2] Based on the typical walking speed of 1m/s, compared to the 3.6km/h riding speed of Standard mode (S).

[3] 6061 aluminum material. Testing load of 100kg, drop height of 300mm. The load was dropped three times without fracturing or deforming the body.

[4] It is not recommended to use cruise control when exceeding 15km/h speed, where roads are windy, in areas with heavy traffic, or during or after precipitation.

*All above data was obtained from Ninebot labs. Actual results may vary based on differences in use conditions.
*Before purchasing, please carefully read the Mi Electric Scooter Pro user manual and legal notice. Be sure to abide by local laws and regulations when using Mi Electric Scooter Pro.


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